Artist-in-Residence programme

The Blend Apartments include a living space for artists or craftsmen who wish to live and work whilst experiencing the local atmosphere of Osaka.

The Blend have started its first artist-in-residence program 2018 supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. For this residence project, they collaborate with a graphic designer and curator who has experiences of international exchange programs between Germany and Osaka before. In 2018 annual programs, total of five artists stayed as residents, and they had exhibitions, workshops and talk events during their stay with great collaboration with local artists and the neighborhood.

Project Aim: The aim of the project is to provide a space where new ideas and artwork can be brought to existence through the intermixing of the invited artist and the culture of the local area within the unique environment of a hotel as its platform.

Project Summary: Throughout the year, several artists from both Japan and abroad will be invited to stay at「The Blend Apartments」and during their stay create and exhibit work in a space about five minutes away at 「The Blend Inn」and its studio. The residence program will include collaboration with local artists and the local community, and receive cooperation from Enocojima Flag Studio and other groups.





Past Exhibitions

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