THE BLEND APARTMENTS: a small block of apartments/share house featuring an artist-in-residence space.

The Blend Apartments are comprised of five rooms and one artist-in-residence space. They are part-furnished and equipped with the basic amenities. As a deposit is not necessary, the Blend Apartments are an ideal place for travellers or those who want to begin a life in Japan. The minimum length of stay is one month. (however shorter lengths of stay are negotiable)

A compact group of apartments located in a shopping arcade.

The Blend Apartments are recommended for those who:

  • are living in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa.
  • are staying in Osaka temporarily.
  • are looking for shared accommodation for their first stay in Japan.
  • want to experience Osaka’s local culture.
  • wish to extend their travel, or undertake some temporary work.
Residents will be able to use the studio/workshop space for free. Use of the studio/workshop as an event space can also be arranged (details to be agreed).

The Konohana Ward of Osaka City is an area where a traditional lifestyle has been passed on to the current generation. For decades, independent shops and local craftsmen have lived in Konohana, and it is the local inhabitants that give the Ward its charm. Since around 2010, in the Baika-Shikanjima area, galleries, studios, cafés and the like have opened in quick succession. Creative spaces for writers to produce and manage their own work have also recently been opened. These spaces have attracted attention from creatives abroad and Japan as a place for cultural exchange and as a possible artist-in-residence location.